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Somebody Thinks Steven Seagal is a Media Expert, Interviewed Him on TV About Russian Foreign Relations

Segal is a lot of things, but maybe not that.

Imagine: you’re sitting at home watching news about the Russian Occupation of Crimea, and you’re confused. These nations are so far away! Who can you trust to report the conflict fairly? How about an action star who believes himself to be a reincarnated Tibetan llama? Yeah, he seems trustworthy, right?

That reincarnated llama, otherwise known as “Glimmer Man” Steven Seagal, appeared on RT the other day to weigh in on the Russia/Ukraine situation with his opinion of Western media (spoiler alert: he thinks it’s terrible). Be sure to pay attention at the 1:30 mark, when Seagal says the name of the region that Russia’s in conflict with. “Ookrayin?” Come on, Seagal. I bet you’re one of those hacks that rolls your R’s like a Mexican luchador every time you utter the word “burrito,” too.

RT, which stands for Russia Today, is an non-profit Russian news organization that broadcasts in English, Spanish and Arabic. According to its website, it “covers the major issues of our time for viewers wishing to question more and delivers stories often missed by the mainstream media to create news with an edge.” But, you know, from a Russian perspective — almost to the point of “shameless Pro-Putin propaganda” if you believe Glenn Greenwald. So no doubt they were happy to have the unofficial face of the Russian arms industry around to lump himself in with members of Congress and urge journalists to ” harken back or go do your homework.” Sounds legit.

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