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Sterling Archer Takes on the James Bond Franchise, Because of Course He Does

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If there’s anyone who knows everything about how to be an international super-spy, it’s Sterling Archer. At least, that’s what he thinks. What’s more, he thinks he can comment on the films of another fictional super-spy, James Bond. For some reason, Entertainment Weekly gave over the reins of their film critic column to Archer (do they not know how this man throws back scotch?), and let him “review” all 24 Bond films.

H. Jon Benjamin, who does the voice of Archer, then recorded a select few and they made the video below to go with it, which is pretty hilarious. In it, Archer shouts out Timothy Dalton’s “adorable” chin dimple, lambastes Sean connery’s eyebrow acting, and expresses extreme discomfort about third nipples. Check it out!

You knew he was going to talk about Pussy Galore, didn’t you? Anyway, to read all of Archer’s reviews, head on over to Entertainment Weekly where you can see all of them.

Next up, Daniel Craig’s Bond reviews every episode of FX’s Archer. What? It could happen.

(via io9, image via screencap)

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