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Stephenie Meyer Has Plans for Two More Twilight Books as Midnight Sun Dominates Book Sales

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Well, the saga continues. Following the success of the long-awaited release of Midnight Sun, a retelling of Twilight from the perspective of vampire love interest Edward Cullen, Stephenie Meyer has shared that she has plans to continue the series for at least two more books.

According to The Guardian, the series easily made it to the number one spot in both the U.S. and the U.K., where it has already sold over one million copies in a week—the kind of numbers that make publishers literally cry tears of joy. Despite reviews that comment on the book’s clear lack of editing and sloppy writing, it seems everyone agrees that is not what people come to Twilight for.

On Monday, during an online event, the author shared that she at least knows there are two more books in this series she could write when the time comes: “There are two more books I think in the world that I want to write. I have got them outlined and a chapter written I think of the first one, so I know it’s there. I am not ready to do that right now. I want to do something brand new.”

Midnight Sun’s release takes place the same year we’ve gotten the Hunger Games prequel novel, and I’m sure there are some extra Divergent books out there somewhere.

The discourse around Twilight has been an interesting thing to watch—certainly more interesting than the books themselves. I am no longer a teenager bitter about the over-saturation of a mediocre book series, and I can see how a good chunk of my opinions on the series was rooted in my own internalized “I’m not like other girls”-isms. Yet, it is something frustrating that this series will continue on with a lot of the legitimate criticisms tossed to the side because at this point, it doesn’t matter.

Twilight being bad and problematic and stalkery is part of the brand of the product now. There is really nothing more that can be said except addressing Meyer’s relative lack of growth as an author. All I can say is that I hope fans of the series are satisfied, because really, this is their moment.

I would be remiss if I didn’t mention that the Quileute Tribe in LaPush is a real tribe, not a fictional one that Meyer made up. So, if you are a fan of the series, especially if you are still #TeamJacob, reading up on the Nation (who also poke fun at their Twilight association in fun way) is an important thing you could do, as well as putting some of that Twilight money towards projects connected with them—especially their “Move to Higher Ground” mission, which strives to move the at-risk community from a tsunami risk zone to a safer area, to remove the danger of their entire culture being wiped out in one natural disaster.

(via The Guardian, image: Little, Brown and Company)

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