Stephen Colbert Discovers He Has Two Vaginas

what is this I don't even
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We picked up on Summers Eve‘s array of douching supplies last week, and it’s even more mind-blowingly awful advertising that does its best to simultaneously say “You should feel empowered because you have a vagina,” and “vaginas are so icky that we can’t even say the word out loud and lord girl will you clean up down there I mean gross.”

We were stunned absolutely speechless and may never be able to look at hand puppetry the same way. Stephen Colbert, on the other hand, doesn’t “think it’s fair that women have these commercials marketed at them telling them that their bodies aren’t good enough the way they are. This completely ignores men and [their] deeply troubling genitals.” We invite you to experience the result, based on Summers Eve’s next series of commercials featuring hand puppets.

You know, where you make a lose fist and wiggle your thumb Señor Wences style?… except vertical… so it represents vaginas. The vaginas of three different women.

Haha, did I say women? I meant racial stereotypes.

See, there’s the light-skinned hand-vagina who is over committed and whines about the gym,

The sassy dark-skinned hand-vagina who mmm-hmms and spends time on her hair,

and the tanned hand-vagina who talks very fast in Spanish and says ay-yi-yi.

Presumably another fair-skinned hand-vagina of a slightly different hue who was good at math and playing the violin was scrapped somewhere along the line.

(via Styleite.)

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