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Whoever Runs Steak-Umm’s Social Media Knows What’s at Steak and Deserves a Beefy Raise

Beefy thread incoming
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When I think of Steak-Umm I think of, well, steak, but apparently, I should’ve also been thinking about, quote, “Societal distrust in experts and institutions, the rise of misinformation, cultural polarization, and how to work toward some semblance of mutually agreed upon information before we splinter into irreconcilable realities.”



In case you’re wondering, yes, this is a 14-tweet thread from a frozen meat company dropping juicy slices of truth like:


Followed by:

All while peppering in steak puns.

This isn’t a new thing for Steak-umm, though, as seen in their pinned tweet which, at the time of writing this, has over 20 of their tweetstorm rants:

Basically, the Steak-umm Twitter is a mix of deep thoughts in regards to social issues and wacky moments you’d expect a food brand to have:

There are a couple of ways that brands use social media to their advantage. The most obvious way is to, of course, advertise whatever it is that you’re selling. However, you can be sure to see a “we support” post or two when it’s 1) a designated month for marginalized people, 2) tragedy has hit a community, or 3) a particular issue (such as COVID) has hit the entire world. You rarely get a brand that will write a well-thought-out thread just cuz, but apparently, Steak-umm is one of the few that uses social media in an attempt to educate (my next go-to example is always Ben & Jerry’s).

A lot of people talk about using their platform to have a conversation, but I’m not sure they get what that means, exactly. Comments like that often come up in one of the examples I mentioned above, but the reality is, not everyone follows through with their grand plan of taking a stance, support a group, or address a particular issue – that’s why so many people stress the importance of caring after the themed month is over, or after the issue stops trending.

It’s easy to say that you want to be vocal, but it’s hard to actually do it.

Steak-umm is, well, doing it.

I’m not saying every brand has to be like Steak-umm, I’m just saying that when there’s the inevitable slew of brands making statements because (insert cataclysmic event), it’s nice to see a brand that speaks out on a Wednesday because they’d apparently had it on their mind since last Friday. Nothing awful happened to prompt them into suddenly adding a hashtag to their Twitter handle, they just felt like writing a thread – which they can now add to all the other threads they’ve made on different topics.

Not exactly the thought process I thought I’d have about something that’s found in my local grocery store, yet here we are.

(Image: Steak-Umm)

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