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“Run-Of-The-Mill Startup Seeks Mediocre Designer”

This job posting tells it to us straight.

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“We have huge, naïve ambitions to change the world. Like most start-ups, we’ll probably be an abject failure.

We seek a designer to join us in our likely-futile goals. For the time that the company manages to avoid drowning in the the deadpool, we’ll work with you on creating a would-be beautiful website for our fundamentally ill-conceived product.

Various industry leaders, several of whom are not close family members, regularly use our product. They occasionally say encouraging things, likely to cajole us into fixing some crippling and unforgivably-overlooked bug.

We seek a mediocre designer who is regularly frustrated by their inability to make things that are as good as they should be to help us. We’d like somebody who writes <b> instead of <B>, but not someone who writes, say, <strong>. We’d like someone who isn’t all “durrrr” when they look at Photoshop, but we’d prefer someone who typically inflicts their general averageness on HTML instead of graphic design.”

(37signals via Hacker News)

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