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Tech Startup Maniacs Get Their Own Board Game

For those who are unhappy that their tech startup consumes almost every ounce of their energy and thought, a new Kickstarter-funded board game called Startup Fever is here to help: Now, they can unwind by … playing a board game that’s all about startups. Game mechanics include hiring top employees, poaching them from competitors, and everyone watching impatiently as their equity vests each turn. (Gotta love that xkcd map of the Internet in the background too.)

Startup Fever creator Louis Perrochon elaborates:

Startup Fever plays in the world of Web-startups, the world of Silicon Valley (or Silicon Alley for my NY friends). As the founder of a company, you have to hire a bunch of nerds to build your product. Of course, you also need some suits to sell your product. This being a startup, you pay your employees mostly in stock options…. As you gain more users, you make more money and can hire more workers. The tricky part is that the other founders will try to poach your workers away from your company. So you better take good care of them and pay them better!

The game is made for two to six players, and a typical game can be completed in 90 minutes. Explanatory video below:

(via TechCrunch | Kickstarter page)

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