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If You’re a Sucker For Star Wars Nostalgia, This Globe Telecom Commercial Will Wreck You

Healing your family through the Force ... and broadband.

I’m embarrassed to admit that this commercial partnership between Star Wars and a broadband service from the Philippines made me well up, but … I believe in honesty. By the way, there are absolutely zero spoilers for The Force Awakens in this ad. But you will probably cry. Yes, over a commercial. It’s that powerful.

I see myself as a measured person who can tell when my emotions are being manipulated; ordinarily, this sort of sappy stuff doesn’t work on me. Apparently, though, my childhood experience watching Star Wars with my Dad (and also the fact that my Dad went on a lot of business trips) made this commercial into some sort of emotional kryptonite. If a brief survey of my coworkers is any indication, though, I’m not the only one who was reduced to emotional wreckage upon seeing this.

By the way, I’m well aware that this trailer has some pretty weird messages: such as, the suggestion that Star Wars posters are cooler than posters of young hunks (can’t a teen girl have both?) and also the nebulous narrative that the Force — and a good broadband service 00 can heal your estranged family and/or marriage. But, hey, don’t worry about that stuff, okay? STAR WARS!!! Holy crap.

Spoilers for the commercial (???): it doesn’t end with the Dad dying and appearing in the cinema as a Force ghost. Missed opportunity, clearly.

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