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Heroes Alum Joins the Cast of Star Wars: Episode VII

Save the Jedi, save the world.


Hint: He’s a he, and he’s also a J.J. Abrams regular. Give up? It’s…

Greg Grunberg, who played the telepathic cuddly teddy bear cop Matt Parkman in all four seasons. We don’t have any rumors on who he’s playing, or even how big the role is. All we know is that he’s buds with Episode VII director J.J. Abrams, with whom he frequently collaborates (/Film has a detailed rundown). And one day someone thought to ask him, “Hey, gonna be in Star Wars?,” and he responded “Yes! Yes I am!”

See, now that sounds like a good friendship.

The campaign to get Sendhil Ramamurthy cast as a Force-sensitive, morally ambiguous bounty hunter starts now.

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