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Flags of the Galaxy Gives Us Beautiful Flag Designs for the Planets of the Star Wars Universe



Even better than the worlds creators build in our favorite sci-fi and fantasy are the way those worlds can be expanded through amazing fan art. Artist Scott Kelly combined his love of Star Wars with his love of vexillology (the serious study delving into a flag’s symbolism and design) to represent the planets of the Star Wars universe.

Using Wookiepedia as a guide, Kelly created flags for 103 Star Wars planets (both canon and non-canon), delving deep into each planet’s history to create a thoughtful as well as visually-pleasing design. Check some of them out below!





As you can see, a select few flags also come with a planet timeline and a brief description about the inspiration for the design. To see them all, you can check them out over at the Flags of the Galaxy website, where Kelly will be continuing to design flags for the remaining, lesser-known planets. Which one do you like best?

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