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Con Turns Ugly As Police Have to Break Up A Fight Between Doctor Who and Star Wars Fans

what is this I don't even


Writes Metro, “More than a dozen fans from the rival groups – including several in fancy dress – were involved in bitter exchanges outside the venue.” C’mon, Metro. Tell us which characters the feuding fans were cosplaying as. There was at least one Boba Fett, right?

The fracas broke out at a convention in Norwich, England, between members of the Norwich Star Wars Club, which was hosting the event, and the Norwich Sci Fi Club. Sci Fi Club treasurer Jim Poole showed up and asked Doctor Who actor Graham Cole for an autograph, which apparently didn’t sit well with the Star Wars people, as it “[lead] to a stand-off which was only resolved by police and university security.”

Wow, those Star Wars fans must be such meanies, preventing a poor Whovian from getting an autograph from his favorite frequently uncredited Who actor! But wait… there’s more. Though the police were called because of reports that a man was being assaulted, a spokesman says that “After lengthy investigation, talking to witnesses and reviewing good CCTV footage, it was confirmed that there was no assault.” Oh, and according to con organizer Richard Walker members of the Sci-Fi Club had been talking smack on Facebook, trying to undermine the con.

Poole says he just attended the con to collect autographs to auction for charity, but the world may never know what really happened on that once-peaceful spring day in Norwich. Did some trigger-happy Star Wars fan refer to Poole as Bantha pudu? Did one of the Whovians say something derogatory about Princess Leia (HOLD ME BACK!)? Were there jazz hands?

(via: Metro)

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