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EA DICE Reveals Three New Playable Heroes for Star Wars Battlefront

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We continue riding the Star Wars wave as we share this news that Star Wars Battlefront has revealed three new playable hero characters who will be coming to the online shooter. Joining Luke Skywalker and Darth Vader are three other iconic characters that we’re incredibly excited to see: Leia Organa, Han Solo, and Emperor Palpatine.

According to PC Gamer, they’ve all got neat unique abilities, much like Skywalker and Vader. Leia’s described as a support character, and was apparently difficult to design, as she doesn’t exactly have an iconic weapon (in the trilogy, at least). She’s got a pretty great ability called Trooper Bane, reflecting her badass knack for blasting Stormtroopers with a single blow. Players who spawn near her spawn as buffed Alderaan Honor Guards, too, so she’s a great hero for taking and holding positions.

Han’s… Han. He’s got a Lucky Shot ability, which seems only right. But the hilarious thing is that he’s also got an ability called Shoulder Charge, which, well…

han solo stormtroopers

You get the idea.

Dear old Emperor “Pappy-Pap” Palpatine’s the dark side equivalent of Leia, providing support and some Force powers to the Empire.

What do you think? Are y’all stoked to play some Battlefront on November 17th?

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