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In Good Company: Restored Star Trek Shuttlecraft Gets a Home at NASA Museum



The original Star Trek shuttlecraft Galileo has found a forever home that couldn’t be more fitting. After being restored by fans, the shuttle is on its way to Space Center Houston, where it will retire in the company of NASA spacecraft like the Apollo 17 command module welcoming visitors to the Johnson Space Center.

The shuttle, which made its first appearance on Star Trek in the episode “The Galileo Seven” was in disrepair when it was purchased by Adam and Leslie Schneider at auction last year. The couple put months of elbow grease — and we assume not a little cash — into restoring the ship to its former glory. Now that the work is done, they’re donating the shuttle to the museum, where it will be displayed alongside real spacecraft and detailed trainers from throughout the history of space exploration.

Now sure, there will be some folks who don’t believe that a fictional spaceship is an appropriate addition to a museum dedicated to mankind’s actual achievements in space. Then again, those people are clearly naysayers and contrarians who hate fun, so consider your source. They’re also ignoring the fact that science fiction has had a profound impact on real space travel, with shows like Star Trek — especially Star Trek — making  a lasting mark on the field by inspiring generations of engineers and astronauts.

So don’t listen to those people, because this is an awesome way to bring together science and technology with the art that it inspires and is inspired by. If that’s not a museum exhibit worth seeing, I don’t know what is.


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