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Hey, There’s Going to Be a Star Trek DC Comics Crossover

And Now For Something Completely Different

IDW Publishing announced recently that DC Comics’ Super Heroes will be entering the Trek universe through their first ever crossover with Star Trek/Legion of Superheroes, a six-issue monthly beginning in October.

Chris Ryall, IDW’s Editor-in-Chief/Chief Creative Office (as well as lead editor of the crossover), said of the plans that there’s “nothing like kicking off our first foray into the DC Universe with a story that spans dimensions and centuries. As a huge fan of both of these teams and the eras we’re playing with here, as well as an admirer of the talents involved with this tale, I couldn’t be happier.”

The story follows the original crew of the Starship Enterprise as they find themselves beamed onto a planet in an alternate universe. As the description reads:

At the same time, a group of “Great Darkness Saga” Legionnaires inside a time sphere find themselves cast into the 23rd century, but it’s not the 23rd century as they know it, either. STAR TREK/LEGION OF SUPERHEROES is a galaxy-spanning adventure that draws both teams together to face a menace that includes Khunds, Klingons, Borg, and other threats that aren’t quite as they should be. The egalitarian United Planets in one universe and a United Federation of Planets in another is now the Imperial Planets of Terra, a dark empire focused on war and conquest, and that’s just the beginning for this special series.

The art of the series will be done by Jeffrey and Philip Moy, both of whom have worked on both Star Trek and the Legion before. Chris Roberson will write it, and Phil Jimenez will provide the covers.

No word on how this will effect the canon of Star Trek/X-Men (or Star TreX), the 1996 Star Trek/X-Men crossover which paradoxically did not feature the meeting between Professor X and Captain Picard, because the X-Men wound up meeting the Original Series Enterprise crew, not Next Generation. It did, however, have Beast and Bones answer to some one asking for “Dr. McCoy,” so we’ll totally give it that.

(via Trek Movie)

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