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Squishmallow Advent Calendar 2023 Release Date, Where To Buy, and More

In case you need another opportunity to give the Squishmallow people all your money, the toy company is putting out an advent calendar this year. Yay, but also RIP my bank balance.

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Filled with the tiny, two-inch high Squishville versions of the iconic plush toys—designed to be used more like dolls or figurines in a playset than aggressively snuggled like the larger toys—the Squishmallow’s Squishville Advent Calendar has a total of 24 mini-mallows, one for each day! I might actually lose my mind if I were a small child given this as a countdown to the Big Present Day. Frankly, I might lose my mind if I were given it now, as I do have an unhealthy amount of Squishmallows in my house.

Featuring classic Squishmallow characters that can be found in most sizes, including favorites like Cam the Cat, Winston the Owl, and Fifi the Fox, each one has been given a special Christmas-themed makeover; think candy cane stripes and Santa hats! There are also little cardboard backdrops included, as well as some plush Squishvill accessories. There are lots of troubling existential questions when you think too hard about the fact that the Squishville world is built out of the exact same plush fabric and stuffing as the character toys. ESPECIALLY the little vehicles that all have faces (what is their deal?!) Anyway, there are lots of opportunities for your children (or you, no judgment) to play out little Christmas-themed stories and set up Christmas dioramas as the days go by.

Prices vary depending on where you source your Squishville Advent Calendar from, with Walmart coming in at a whopping $169.99 vs. Amazon’s comparatively cheap £129.99, it’s still eye-wateringly expensive wherever you go. So, tragically, it probably won’t be making an appearance in my household this year (unless a kind anonymous donor wanted to buy it for me, hint hint). But if you just love Squishmallows and happen to have that kind of money lying around, then this is your year! Fill your house with mini-mallows! Who will stop you? Certainly not me.

Okay, money is going to stop most of us from buying this advent calendar. But hey, if you can’t afford to blow a hundred-plus dollars, don’t worry. There are still plenty of full-sized Christmas-themed Squishmallows you can bring into your home for some marshmallowy soft seasonal cheer at a much more reasonable price.

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