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It’s October 1st, Which Means: SPOOKY SEASON

The nightmare before christmas

My time has come in these dark times: It’s SPOOKY SZN. That means bust out the pumpkins, blast “Monster Mash,” and start making up a TikTok dance trend to “Spooky Scary Skeletons” while staying home this year. The spooky season is a fun time only because it just seems to be filled with joy.

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We get to October 1st, and suddenly everyone wants to celebrate Halloween, and no one really cares about fighting with each other. Because honestly, how can anyone hate the Halloween season?

But sadly, this year is different. We can’t really go out anywhere, we’re living in a Hellscape day in and day out, and even the joy we get from thinking about pumpkins and scary movies isn’t that exciting this year.

All I want to do is watch Beetlejuice and The Nightmare Before Christmas and drink warm drinks and come up with my 8 different costumes—which seems to be a common theme online. For whatever reason, the spooky season is the only time you can get everyone on social media to agree. Every other season, someone is mad or someone doesn’t want to enjoy it, and all that’s fine, but when it comes to October and Halloween? Everyone just suddenly remembers that there are things to love in this world … like that 12-foot skeleton at Home Depot that I want someone to buy me.

This year though, I thought that maybe the spooks would be too much because … well … you know, the world around us is constantly on fire. But all the actual spooks in our actual world aren’t stopping Twitter from being excited about the season (myself included). I might not be able to do multiple costumes this year but you DO know I already have one Halloween costume idea ready to go.

Happy spooky season my dear little witches and bats. May the ghosts and ghouls have their times, and may our Halloween movie marathons give us all the frights!

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