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“Spiderman” Is Trending AGAIN!? It’s Spider-Man. With a Hyphen. He’s a Spider and a Man.

Marvel comics Spider-Man points out the hyphen in his name.

I’m well aware of the fact that it’s probably because of the Twitter algorithm, but every time I see “Spiderman” trend, a little part of my soul dies. Because of PlayStation 5 news that brought new footage of Miles Morales’ upcoming game, Spider-Man has started to trend once again, and with that comes the tweets of “Spiderman” and whatever other way you want to spell the webbed hero’s name.

And yes, I know, in the grand scheme of things, this is not a concern, but every time there is some kind of Spider-Man news, I see just “Spiderman” trending. Is it the algorithm? Maybe, but there isn’t a #Spiderman on there, and even if it was, it should be SpiderMan with a capital M. IT ISN’T HIS LAST NAME. HE’S A SPIDER AND A MAN.

And to top it all off, Peter Parker has made sure that everyone knows how to spell his name. He’s pointed it out multiple times throughout the years.

Spider-Man talking about his hyphen

And when I say “multiple times,” I mean it. It’s nearly constant in the way that he says “don’t forget the hyphen” or “remember the hyphen,” and clearly, no one is getting the memo! Spidey, maybe spell your name out in webs so then everyone knows?

Spider-Man hyphen comic

He can even tell when you think it’s spelled “Spiderman” over “Spider-Man” just from how you say it. (To be completely honest, this is me. I just know when you’re saying it wrong, and I’m the kind of person that I will probably mumble the correct way of saying it under my breath, and I’m sorry, I know that makes me an a**hole, but I can’t help it. I used to correct my mother over my spelling words.)

Spider-Man hyphen comic

Like, it’s to the point where even Captain America is cracking jokes about the fact that Spider-Man makes sure everyone knows that there is a hyphen in his name. But Cap … can you blame him? Look how many times we mere mortals have to remind people. I couldn’t imagine how annoying it must be for Peter Parker.

Spider-Man hyphen comic

So yes, there are probably more important things that you can occupy your mind with, but for my sanity, use a hyphen. It’s so easy. He’s a spider and a man. It’s not his last name. Even Chandler Bing knew that.

And as someone who is a “Leishman,” meaning I know the “men” pronunciation, I can tell you that I wish my last name was “Leish-Man,” but alas, that’s not how it works. So from now on, let’s remember the hyphen for mine and Peter Parker’s sake.

(image: Marvel Entertainment)

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