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Spider-Man: Is It Reboot Time Already?

Maybe you haven’t heard yet that Sam Raimi is leaving the Spider-Man franchise, and Sony has taken the opportunity to reboot the whole thing and make a new series. Go ahead and take a moment to mourn or celebrate, depending on which of Raimi’s Spider-Man films is freshest in your memory. We can only pray to the fandom gods that J.K. Simmons is still on board.

If you’re interested in stories and the crafting thereof, Nick Nadel over on AMC’s SciFi Scanner has a great post on the dos and don’ts of rebooting a super-hero franchise.  After all, fans of the printed word and of comics especially have grown accustomed to seeing our interests appropriated, booted, digested, and rebooted by the mainstream culture.  Sometimes we even welcome it.  Now somebody go give the Batman Begins treatment to The Dark is RisingPlease.

(photo via Worth1000)

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