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Your Review Does Not Need to Include Spider-Man: No Way Home Spoilers


Tom Holland as Peter Parker walking through a protest that says Devil in Disguise

If you’re new to The Mary Sue: Welcome, I’m our resident Peter Parker expert who loves and cherishes Spider-Man most of all. So going to see Spider-Man: No Way Home meant that I knew I couldn’t spoil the movie or post about it until others have seen it as well. But then there are outlets like Variety and The Daily Beast who have decided to go ahead and just spoil the movie anyway in their reviews. Why? Because they have the power to go to these things and talk to the stars and refuse to recognize that people still want to be surprised.

Part of this anger comes from the fact that Variety decided to tweet out a HUGE spoiler for Eternals as a “scoop” after their press screening, as if it wasn’t clearly a spoiler and against what the embargo states. For context, when we get emails about our embargoes after movie screenings, most of the time it asks us to leave out major spoilers so audiences can enjoy the movie, as well. That’s something I take to heart because I do not want to be spoiled prior to seeing a movie for myself.

So I honor everyone else with that same courtesy. It seems as if other publications are not doing that. According to CBR, many publications have begun putting spoiler warnings but are still POSTING the spoilers in their reviews, which then leads to people sharing images of the spoilers without warning and ruining the movie for others.

Now, that’s not entirely on the reviewer/publication. That’s just how the internet works. But with something like No Way Home, you know how important this movie is to fans, so why go out of your way to spoil things in it when you can write about the movie and the emotions within without spoiling a single thing?

So what?

The point of this all is that we now live in a world where even news outlets are sharing spoilers to get clicks and ruining movies for fans, instead of letting anyone enjoy anything. No Way Home was a highly publicized film that resulted in so many people leaking things from it or trying to get the entire script onto the internet before anyone could see the movie, which is annoying at best. So now that the movie is being seen by audiences, you’d think that those critics would understand the importance of leaving out major spoilers so audiences can have fun, and yet, they want to be the source of controversy.

So, I’m not linking to those reviews. You can google if you want to get spoiled. My point is just this: Don’t be a jerk. Fans like myself have been waiting for Spider-Man: No Way Home for so long. Posting a shot-by-shot review isn’t doing what you think it is. If anything, know this: Currently, the early Rotten Tomatoes score for No Way Home is 100%, and that’s correct and good. So, avoid the internet as best you can so you can enjoy this movie for yourself.

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