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Things We Saw Today: Spider-Man: Far from Home Is the Highest-Grossing Spidey Movie, and … Good

Michelle (Zendaya) catches a ride from Spider-Man in Columbia Pictures' SPIDER-MAN: FAR FROM HOME.

Tom Holland is easily the best Peter Parker out there, so the fact that Spider-Man: Far From Home is now the highest-grossing Spider-Man movie is incredible. Nearly grossing $1 billion dollars, Spider-Man: Far From Home is raking in the cash, and honestly, it should. A tale of Peter Parker coping with the loss of his mentor while just trying to be a teenager, the movie has a lot of themes that have made the Marvel Cinematic Universe stand out against other superhero franchises.

But, does it deserve to be the best Spider-Man? Honestly, yes, it does. This is the version of Peter Parker that many of us have been waiting to see in a live-action movie. Now that he’s there, we’re all going to go and see it as much as possible, so yes, I think it does deserve to be the highest-grossing of them. Now, throwing in Spider-Verse is a different story.

With movies like Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse being one of the best movies out of 2018, it’s clear that we don’t have Spider-Man fatigue, and we probably never will—or at least I won’t. If I have to go and single-handedly make all these movies box office hits, I’ll do it. Either way though, the world loves the web-slinger, and with the success of Far From Home, I have a feeling that we’ll be seeing even more Tom Holland Parker movies coming out. Or at least I hope so.

Here are some other things we saw out there today:

  • Scarlett Johannson’s engagement ring is brown, just like the characters she wants to play. (via Huffpost
  • Boris Johnson is going to be the new Prime Minister, and Trump approves, so that’s all you really need to know. (via Boing Boing

  • Amazon’s Lord of the Rings series has its first cast member! (via io9)
  • Time to go to Virginia so we can all see some Bob Ross paintings. I’ll get the rental van. (via Atlas Obscura)

What did we miss, Mary Suevians? Let us know in the comments below!

(via ScreenRant, image: Marvel Entertainment)

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