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Spider-Man: Homecoming Originally Had Even More Avengers PSAs!

Imagine the memes that could have been.

Steve Rogers meme

Spider-Man: Homecoming is, for me, one of the best Spider-Man movies to date. It’s the first time I felt like I was watching a teenager take the world on his shoulders. It’s a great Spider-Man film, and it was a great first standalone for Tom Holland’s Marvel Cinematic Universe Peter Parker. But one thing about the movie that really had fans screaming was the inclusion of educational videos from Captain America that Hannibal Buress showed his students even though, at that point, Cap was technically a “war criminal.”

Apparently, though, there were more of the PSA-type videos made with other Avengers, and now we have some questions. Like did the Hulk do one on science safety with Tony doing everything wrong? Was Black Widow there for a self-defense one? Because the possibilities are endless. Clint Barton definitely has one about safety in archery club or something, right? And maybe we could have gotten a bit of information on when Steve Rogers filmed these videos and why he filmed them?

During‘s recent Quarantine Watch Party for Spider-Man: Homecoming, hosted by Brandon Davis, screenwriter Jonathan Goldstein took to Twitter to join the party and tweeted along with the film. Talking about homages to Spider-Man comics and other films and filmmakers (like Alfred Hitchcock), he also revealed that the educational videos that Captain America did for the film were not the only PSAs that were originally planned. In fact, there were five more with other Avengers in them?

Obviously we’ve all gotten plenty of use out of the “So…” PSA starring Captain America. He’s been memed and more, but the idea that there could be even more PSAs out there? Maybe they weren’t filmed, but knowing that they exist in some form is enough to have me wondering what I have to do in order to see them.

While it makes sense that Spider-Man: Far From Home was away from the school (seeing as they went on a school trip to Europe), it’d be nice to see Peter Parker return to his life as a high school student in the way that Homecoming gave us. He was stressed out about a dance while still being Spider-Man, and if he got some life advice from an instructional video from Captain America along the way, so be it.

We may never get to see what these PSAs were or what Avengers were there to help the students of Midtown High School of Science and Technology, but at least we can now think of all the possibilities out there. I just would like to see Bruce Banner talking to kids about science and having Tony trying to get him to hulk out the entire time for the thrill of it.

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