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First Spider-Man: Homecoming Footage Shows off New Suit, Full Trailer to Come

-Love Tony Stark

A new Spider-Man is almost upon us! Tomorrow! Oh, wait, I meant “a new Spider-Man trailer” is almost upon us. But … we have a teaser for the trailer! Allow us to speculate wildly!

First things first: Spider-Man’s new movie suit now sports the “web wings” he originally had in the comics. Truth be told, I’m not 100% sure whether or not they were ever more than decoration in the comics, but I tried to read all of Amazing Spider-Man from the beginning once, and at least two paperback volumes in (before eventually giving up), I’m pretty sure they were purely ornamental. Here, where they’re received as a special gift from Tony Stark and flared out when jumping from a building, I’m imagining they’ll give him a bit of aerial maneuverability.

We’ve also got an appearance from Jon Favreau as Happy Hogan, reprising his role from the Iron Man movies, as well as a found-footage camera style. That fits right in with Peter’s YouTube habits from Captain America: Civil War, but I really hope it’s not something we’re subjected to too often in Homecoming, despite how much sense it makes for a modern, teen version of a superhero who’s historically known for setting up a camera to catch footage of himself.

It looks like the full trailer will debut on Jimmy Kimmel Live!

Otherwise, there’s not a whole lot going on here, because again, it’s a trailer for a trailer, which probably keeps happening because we’re all overzealous nerds who will gladly cling to any amount of footage, no matter how small. They’re onto us. Scatter!


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