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What Does Spider-Man: Far From Home’s Billion Dollar Box Office Mean for the Future?

Tell us when we'll see Peter Parker next, Marvel!

Peter Parker and Aunt May in Spider-Man: Far From Home

The MCU’s Peter Parker swooped in and stole our hearts, and now Spider-Man: Far From Home has hit the $1 billion dollar mark, a franchise first! Cue Sony thinking they’re doing something right by the web-slinger and not realizing that it’s Marvel’s control over the character that’s leading to this success! The Sony/Disney deal is complicated, and I don’t have the brain capacity to look into it past the fact that I got to see Peter Parker interact with Tony Stark.

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But now that Spidey boy has made his mark in the Marvel Cinematic Universe and clearly is making an even bigger name for himself, the question remains: Does Sony realize why? Personally, I think Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse helps show that there are different Spider-Man properties that have their place within the Sony world. Peter Parker when he’s in high school? Maybe not their forte.

So, what does that mean for the future of the MCU and Peter? Well, we don’t know just yet, but it seems, at least, that a future does exist. After Comic-Con, the world is open for Peter, and with the way that the MCU seems to be headed, maybe we can see him even more prominently? That is, if Sony continues to carry on the deal …

Apparently, the contract between the entertainment giants stipulated they would have had an out after Far From Home had it not hit this box office milestone, but now that it has crossed $1 billion, Sony and Marvel are locked in for another Spidey movie together. Unfortunately, that’s still secondhand information at this point, not to mention that the future beyond that is still uncertain, especially with Sony’s track record of bad Spider-Man decisions.

Yeah, my anxieties about what is to come for Peter Parker are incredibly high, mainly because this MCU run of the iconic character is the first time in recent history where I felt like someone truly understood the importance of Peter Parker and what makes him so special. So, the idea that Sony could maybe try to take him back isn’t doing me any good.

Phase 4 of Marvel doesn’t have any set plans for my favorite little boy as of yet; if anything, I think Marvel was clearly waiting to see how much money this movie made before going on, as if Tom Holland’s Peter Parker wasn’t a big deal. (Have you ever tried to talk about Peter Parker on Twitter? Everyone loves him.) That being said, this could see a change for the lineup, especially if Kevin Feige and co. see the importance that Holland’s Parker has to fans.

The smartest thing to do would be to rework the Sony contract if possible, gaining access to more of Sony’s catalog of the Spider-Verse and work together (especially with the success that Venom and Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse had). That way, we’d have the best of both worlds and get to see the iconic character cross over when necessary. Or maybe Marvel has plans for Peter we just don’t know yet; after all, the world did just discover that he’s the kid behind Spider-Man.

I don’t know what Feige has in store, but to be honest, Peter Parker is the perfect character to usher in the Young Avengers. Especially now that Kate Bishop is coming into the MCU, why not let Peter and Shuri handle getting the younger generation ready to protect the universe?

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