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Stop Whatever You’re Doing & Watch Melissa McCarthy’s Sean Spicer Dance to “I Feel Pretty”

Trust us.

Melissa McCarthy is hosting Saturday Night Live this weekend, and the White House is already giving the writers plenty of material for her brilliant Sean Spicer impression. Not only has Spicer been pushed out of his usual position in the White House press briefings (today he was replaced in the briefings by Sarah Huckabee Sanders), but he’s literally hiding in bushes, and speaking to reporters in the dark.

I’m not sure if McCarthy can pull SNL out of the major downturn it’s found itself in, but we’re excited for her to try. And while we’re looking forward to seeing what else the show has in store for McCarthy’s episode, there’s no way it could go by without at least one, and likely many more, Spicer bits. This promo, which gives us a glimpse into the imagined hair/makeup/singing/dancing character prep McCarthy goes through, is a great start.

Lip syncing and dancing to the classic West Side Story number, you really do believe McCarthy’s Spicey does feel awfully pretty, don’t you?

Melissa McCarthy’s Spicer impression first debuted in February, and was almost too disturbingly real to be fully enjoyable. Almost. For those of us who find the actual Spicer too painful to watch, McCarthy’s “Spicey” has all the rage, malapropisms, and visual aids of the actual press secretary, but without the strong secondhand embarrassment of having to directly watch the nation’s mouthpiece call concentration camps “Holocaust Centers.”

And by the way, this week’s episode–which is airing actually live coast-to-coast, so tune in at 8:30 pm no matter where you live–will mark McCarthy’s entry into the “Five-Timers Club.”

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