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Sony’s Venom Trailer Only Tells Us What We Already Know


Did you know that Tom Hardy is going to play Spider-Man villain Venom in his own standalone movie of the same name? Great, then you’re all caught up on the Venom trailer.

All movie trailers are a delicate balance of different marketing goals, including hyping up fans, making more people aware that a movie is actually happening, and not giving away too much. As much as we all bemoan too many companies ignoring that last one in constantly escalating fashion, this Venom trailer goes way in the opposite direction, and that’s not great, either.

Fans (and/or the morbidly curious) who were waiting impatiently to finally see something from the movie—which has been probably/maybe/definitely in the works for a while—were likely disappointed, since it doesn’t even give us a look at Venom himself, or anything other than fairly standard action movie scenes, moody voiceover, and an extremely giffable Screaming Tom Hardy. Anyone else would likely be left rather confused, except for maybe the section of people who know enough to recognize the abstracted Venom face on sight, but also don’t know this movie is coming.

Anyway, it looks like the movie … actually exists, which is more than we could say a few days ago.

(featured image: Sony Pictures)

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