Sony Recalls 535,000 Vaio Laptops Due to Overheating Problems

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Sony has voluntarily decided to recall 535,000 of its Vaio laptops worldwide due to overheating problems. The overheating was bad enough that the physical shape of the computer could actually become distorted, and it is caused by a temperature-control defect. Sony also worries and warns that the heat could be strong enough to cause burns, but no such cases have yet been reported. There were 39 reported instances of computer warping due to overheating.

Sony will recall 259,000 Vaio laptops from the United States, 103,000 from Europe and 120,000 from Asia. The Vaio computers succeptible to this overheating are in the F and C series of Vaio notebooks, which have been sold since the beginning of 2010.

If you think your computer may be among those affected, Sony will come pick up your laptop or repairs. Or there may be a forthcoming download that will solve the problem from home.

(Gizmodo and Benzinga)

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