Snow White title card.

See Rachel Zegler as Snow White in First Photo From Delayed Live-Action Remake

The latest animated feature to get the live-action remake treatment is the first Disney princess film, Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs. Initially announced seven years ago, Snow White comes from director Marc Webb and stars Rachel Zegler as the eponymous princess.

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Of course, the movie hasn’t been without its controversies, from the on-set pictures that caused conservatives to have a meltdown because not all of the dwarfs were white, to Rachel Zegler drawing criticism for comments about changes to the source material.

Following a recent release date change, Disney has finally unveiled the first official photo from the upcoming remake, which you can see above.

When will the live-action Snow White be released?

The release date for the new adaptation was set for March 22, 2024, but it has now been pushed back to March 21, 2025, according to the Los Angeles Times.

This means that there is not a trailer yet. All we have at the minute is the title card and a first look in the form of a still featuring Snow White seemingly in the seven dwarfs’ cottage with her new friends.

You can watch the trailer for the 1937 film here:

Who is starring in the new Snow White film?

Though we don’t have a trailer just yet, the cast for the upcoming movie has been announced. The titular character is played by Rachel Zegler, who rose to prominence after starring in Steven Spielberg’s 2021 remake of West Side Story as Maria. The role of the Evil Queen went to Wonder Woman star Gal Gadot.

Other members of the cast include: Ansu Kabia (The Sandman) as the Huntsman, Martin Klebba (Pirates of the Caribbean) as Grumpy, Andrew Burnap (WeCrashed) as Jonathan, and Colin Michael Carmichael (Hot Fuzz).

The film is directed by Marc Webb (The Amazing Spider-Man and 500 Days of Summer) and produced by Marc Platt (Legally Blonde and Scott Pilgrim vs. the World).

What is the plot of the film?

There is no official synopsis for Snow White yet. However, it’s probably safe to say that it will follow the main points of the original, which was based on the Brothers Grimm fairytale.

The story tells of a young princess whose stepmom, the Evil Queen, is jealous of her beauty and orders for her to be killed by a huntsman. However, he does not kill her and the princess finds refuge with seven dwarfs in a cottage. After finding out that Snow is still alive, the Queen disguises herself and gives the young girl a poisonous apple that makes her fall into a death-like slumber that can only be broken by true love’s kiss. It remains to be seen how the new version will update this story.

(featured image: Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures)

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