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Smashers Rejoice! Nintendo Unveils GameCube Controller Adapter for Wii U and Smash Tournament Specifics

Warning, Wii U GamePad. Challenger approaching.

If there was any doubt that Nintendo is trying to recapture their “hardcore” playerbase with their E3 Smash Bros. tournament and the new Smash Bros. games, that doubt has just been… well, smashed. They detailed tournament specifics with high profile tournament players, announcers, and a Wii U GameCube controller adapter!

Here it is in all of its glory:

I don’t own a Wii U yet, and I wasn’t planning on getting one, since I can just play Smash on my 3DS, but damn if that controller adapter and Smash Bros.-themed controller aren’t enticing. If there was one thing that had me worried about the series’ new console version, it was the controller options.

Now, can we please get Melee-style, pressure-sensitive shields back, Sakurai?

Either way, watch the video above to see the players and announcers, whose names you will recognize if you follow competitive Smash Bros. The tournament’s rules also show the idea of a better balance between fun and serious play with items on in the early rounds of the tournament but off in the finals.

That may not please competitive purists, but as a media event to show off the new game, it’s a great way to show both types of player what they can expect from the game. I could not be more excited for E3.

(Nintendo via Twitter, images via Nintendo)

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