Fox Doesn’t Pull Another Firefly, Renews Sleepy Hollow

Yes. Yes yes yes yes yes yes yes. Yes.
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Ya done good this time, Fox. Ya done good.

With only three episodes under its belt, Fox’s magnificently ridiculous and wonderfully diverse fantasy show Sleepy Hollow has been renewed for a second season. It’s not particularly surprising since, unlike Firefly, it’s actually had really high ratings so far. (Why would you frontload your show with monster of the week episodes, Joss? Why would you do that?!)

Sleepy Hollow‘s first season is only going to be 13 episodes; Fox brass could have just upped that to 22, but instead they’re going with a model that’s more Sherlock than Doctor Who and keeping with shorter, uninterrupted seasons. On the one hand, that means we’ll probably have to wait longer than just a few-month hiatus for the next batch of episodes. On the other hand, having a season split in two halves where pre- and post-hiatus have completely different plotlines bugs me on a fundamental level. Looking at you, Teen Wolf. Screw this season 3A and 3B stuff. They are completely different seasons.

Ahem. *steps down from soap box*

But either way, we’ll be getting more Sleepy Hollow, which I for one think is great. More Ichabod Crane being confused by modern-day conveniences and namedropping George Washington! More Abbie Mills being better than everyone else all the time, except when it’s Captain Irving being better than everyone else! More Headless Horseman wielding automatic weaponry (assuming he doesn’t die—again—this season)! Hopefully not more of Ichabod wearing the same old—really old—outfit. He looks good, but I’m going to get concerned for Abbie’s nose if he doesn’t change soon.

(via: The Hollywood Reporter)

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