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Talking (Sleepy)Heads: “Go Where I Send Thee”

"Abbie, I'm cute, right? Abbie? I'm cute?"

sleepy hollow go where i send thee

We’re switching out our Sleepy Hollow recaps for these open threads, for reasons that are… completely legit. Looks, guys, I just want you to do the funny for me! So. Last night’s episode. “Go Where I Send Thee.” The Pied Piper. Let’s talk about:

  • Those driving lessons. Damn, Ichabod! I can’t wait for Sleepy Hollow: Tokyo Drift.
  • Ichabod, hon. When you find a flute made of human bone lying around on the forest, you don’t pick it up and play it. Did Abbie not tell you what germs are? What’s the matter with you?!
  • What do we think of Holly? I’m not loving him so far, to be honest. The whole “snarky mercenary with a secret soft side ready to be brought out by our heroes” has been done to death. I mean, hell, Supernatural did it better, until they killed her (because Supernatural). I’m open to being convinced, but so far I’m finding myself bored by him.
  • Possibly my favorite exchange of the episode was Abbie saying (paraphrased) “Betsy Ross must’ve pursued you because you were the cutest,” and Ichabod responding with “Yeah, well, Sheriff Reyes doesn’t think so.” It was quick, but I loved it. “The Sheriff doesn’t think I’m cute, Abbie! HOW?!
  • That hallucination/dream scene with Captain Irving as War’s henchman. Wow, Orlando Jones.
  • That little girl whom the Pied Piper took is going to be so screwed up later in life. I mean, I know her mom was in a really bad situation vis a vis sacrificing her kids, and there was no good call for her to make, but damn. Stock up on money for therapy.
  • This episode fits in well with a theme of the series, as identified at the NYCC Sleepy Hollow panel by writer/executive producer Len Wiseman and showrunner Mark Goffman: When to give up on family. Henry and Katrina. Maaaybe Katrina and Ichabod. There are shades of Abbie and Jenny there. And Frank (possibly) doing some horrible shit to protect his wife and daughter. Discuss.

Anything else you want to chat about? Go for it. Or we can brainstorm which song Ichabod should sing when he discovers karaoke, which is totally a thing that is happening. THE FINAL COUNTDOOOWWWWWNNNNN!

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