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The Shark, It Is Jumped: Sleepy Hollow and Bones to Crossover Next Season

This one is missing...his head bone.

Today in “things I saw on twitter last night and assumed were a hilarious goof,” EW has learned that “Fox is planning to make mind-bending crossover episodes between Sleepy Hollow and Bones!”

The crossover (or, as Ichabod would call it, a “trying muddle of two equally desperate fictions”) will take place across the span of two episodes.

Although the second season of Sleepy Hollow saw it fall from the grace of Season 1, I was still excited for a Season 3 (albeit an Orlando Jone-less one). I’m also willing to admit that, if done creatively, a Sleepy Bones crossover might not be as unnecessary as I’m imagining. That being said, if Sleepy Hollow really wanted to get their magic back, it might make more sense to focus on developing and doing justice to the characters they already have than on bringing the Bone gang into the mix.

Speaking of which, are there any Bones fans in our midst? How do you feel about this?

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