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Sleepbox, a Very Small Portable Hotel Room

Russian architecture and design group Arch Group are releasing the Sleepbox, a very small portable hotel room with the intention of places like airports and train stations deploying in their building renting out to people who wish to take a private nap. Though small, measuring in at 2.5 x 1.6m at its base and standing 3m tall, the Sleepbox offers the essentials for the modern day traveler, including sockets for charging mobile devices, LED lamps for reading, some storage space, two beds in a bunk bed configuration, and even has a little table that pops out of the wall over the bed to use as a small desk.

The current iteration of the Sleepbox is made of ash-veneered medium-density fiberboard, giving it a classy look, and Arch Group has plans to release metal or plastic reinforced versions in the future. Coupled with the OfficePOD, the duo could provide a cozy home and workspace away from home and work, leading to a civilization of people that do not know how to interact with each other anymore because they’ve spent their whole lives in pods.

(Dezeen via The Next Web)

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