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Tech-Savvy Delta Customer Tries An Unsolicited Website Redesign

If you’ve ever used Wi-fi in a hotel, airport, coffee shop, or other fine establishment that prides itself on customer service, you’ve seen a crappy looking log-in portal where you need to put in some password or verify something before you can access the real, much prettier Internet. Well, if you’re Zach Klein (and if you are, hello Zach), you weren’t content to sit idly by and let that portal be fugly.

Klein gave himself an hour to redesign the Sky Club portal, and the above is what he came out with: Click it to see it bigger. As you can imagine, it’s a vast improvement, and somewhat impressive for just being an hour’s work.

So what have we learned, airlines? That if you do a crappy job for long enough, someone will volunteer to solve your problems for you. And that’s a moral we can all benefit from.

Follow Klein’s flickr for updates as he expands on his original concept.

(Via Flickr via The Daily What)

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