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Want to Program for The Jersey Shore’s Mike “The Situation”? Today’s Your Lucky Day!

It’s a tough job market out there these days. Tons of people are out of work and many of the ones who do have jobs are forced to take positions that they normally wouldn’t. So, when we see a posting for an amazing job that could go to one of our brilliant readers, we feel it’s our obligation to share it. That’s what happened today.

Where did we find this amazing job offer? Well, on the Facebook page for the Jersey Shore’s Mike “The Situation” Sorrentino, of course! That’s right, any one of you lucky people could be the new computer programmer for that mighty Man of Many Packs. Now, that’s the situation!

The job posting, which was linked to on The Situation’s Twitter, reads as follows:

“Hey guys! Situation, Inc. is lookin for a computer programmer in the tri-state area to work in a Jersey office, for the upkeep of the soon to launch SitUAtIoN website as well as other projects. If you’re good at what you do & want to work in a fun and exciting environment and get involved with a plethora of amazing projects in the entertainment field with the SitCH then email [email protected] with your resume!!”

Clearly, The SitUAtIoN Situation needs a computer programmer right away. He at least needs someone who can fix his Shift or Caps Lock keys.

So, readers, please apply to this. Even if it doesn’t pay well, it will at least give you stories to tell at parties for the rest of your life. And, if you get hired, please send us a detailed account of the “fun and exciting environment” at Situation, Inc.

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