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‘Silo’ Finale Leaves Questions Unresolved for Season 2

Dystopian sci-fi drama Silo wrapped filming of its second season in March, with the release date expected to be somewhere in early 2025.

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The Rebecca Ferguson-starrer’s epic season 1 ended on a thrilling note, raising more questions than it provided answers, so let’s attempt to break down the season 1 finale and explain how it sets up season 2.

**This article contains spoilers for the ending of season 1 of Silo!**

The series follows the residents of a massive underground bunker known as the Silo, where the inhabitants are unaware of their society’s past and questioning their strict rules leads to punishment and even death in the wasteland outside, which they also know little about. In the last episode, Juliette (Rebecca Ferguson) is arrested, and Bernard (Tim Robbins) cuts a deal with Juliette: He will reveal what happened to George (Ferdinand Kingsley)—Juliette’s lover, who died while researching the Silo’s past—and her friends in the Mechanical department will be spared, in exchange for Juliette stepping outside the Silo.

Juliette agrees to the offer and goes outside the silo, at first finding only the desolate wasteland of the crater it’s located in. The only reason she survives in the harsh climate is because her friend Walker (Harriet Walter) has fitted her environmental protection suit with better protection than others, and she is able to navigate her way out of the crater. Once she steps out, Juliette realizes that there are multiple Silos like the one she belongs to, with a murky city skyline on the horizon.

The major takeaway from the finale is the existence of multiple other silos, which will potentially be explored in season 2. Now that Juliette has escaped from Silo 18, it will be interesting to see whether she decides to explore other Silos or return to hers with the observations she came across while outside. Another key conclusion from the finale was that the air outside the silo is toxic, and while the reason for that is not revealed in season 1, the hints given throughout suggest that a man-made disaster led to the events of Silo.

Another key detail from the last episode is that Bernard is arguably the most informed person in terms of what’s actually going on in Silo (besides Juliette, of course). He’s aware of how to ensure an environmental suit will or won’t effectively protect someone outside, the uninhabitable climate, and the presence of other silos. At some point, Bernard is going to be made aware of Juliette’s exploits outside the silo, and the season 1 finale has set up season 2 really well from the antagonist’s point of view.

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