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Things We Saw Today: Netflix Releases Its Teaser Trailer For Siempre Bruja About a Time-Traveling Afro-Colombian Witch

Once a witch, always a witch

After the representation debacle that the CW’s Charmed is turning into, we are glad to know that there is going to be some interesting Afro-Latina representation coming out soon that also has to do with witches.

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Siempre Bruja is a series that is about a young witch named Carmen who is about to be burned alive at the stake by Spaniards. The priest, according to Remezcla, says that women are dangerous “because they tempt, because they seduce, because they think.” Carmen is burned, but we see her rise ocean in the year 2019 having time-traveled to escape. Now Carmen will have to get used to the modern world after her last moments taking place in 1646.

This sounds like a really interesting concept, and considering all the conversations we have been having about Afro-Latina representation, it’s really great to see a show that features a dark-skinned Afro-Latina actress in the role. I’ll be tuning in when the show drops next year.

(via Remezcla, image: Screengrab/Netflix)

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