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“Save Your Money, Here It Is for Free”: Sia Thwarts Creepy Photographer Selling Nude Pictures of Her

Famously private singer Sia, who often appears with her signature wig obscuring her face, apparently had enough of gross paparazzi photographers profiting from her body without her consent. When she discovered that some creep was selling grainy nude photos of her from behind, she beat him to the punch by tweeting out the above.

“Save your money,” she told her fans, “here it is for free. Everyday is Christmas!”

The last line is a reference to the title of her upcoming Christmas album, Everyday is Christmas, which drops on November 17.

Sia’s fans responded as expected, hailing her as a queen and an icon. And while “awesome” isn’t precisely the word I’d use for a situation where a female singer is forced to share nude photos of herself in order to get ahead of a creeper who’s already doing the same, I absolutely love that Sia refuses to be shamed and sold by some rando. Her body belongs to her.

The fact that these photos were even on the market is disturbing and depressing. And while Sia thwarted this nasty salesman, you can see similarly invasive photos from Perez Hilton and other garbage website (“Sia Shows Her Face AND Her Naked Boob In Rare Behind-The-Scenes Pic! See A Lot More Of Sia Without The Giant Wig HERE!”). Our media landscape is hellishly misogynistic, and it’s particularly horrifying that people who consider themselves Sia’s “fans” would be in the market for photos that were taken and sold without her consent. 

But today, with this wonderfully incisive tweet, Sia took control back and called this weasel out—and it was indeed a little bit of Christmas.

(via The Daily Beast, featured image: Matteo Chinellato /

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