Skip to main content Shows You Nonstop YouTube Videos, Go Figure (camel-case it correctly folks) is a website that recently went live after a 24 hour Hackathon last weekend. Chad and Casey Pugh are the ones we have to thank for such an exceedingly simple, but also completely necessary, website. The concept is simple, you just type in what you want to see and the site shows you video after video after video after video of whatever you typed in. Fluffy kittens, for example.

Because it trades in nonstop video footage you can cram down your eye-gullets, has no play button, no pause button, no scrub bar and more troublingly, no volume control. You just sit down, plug in and watch things nonstop. While I’m just using it to watch fluffy kittens at the moment, I have a feeling someone smarter than myself might come up with a neat application for this. Come on someone smarter than myself, get to it; the source code is right here.

(via F.A.T.)

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