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Shogun: Total War 2 Screenshots Arrive: Ninja Archers, Flaming Castles, and So Forth

Creative Assembly is churning Total War games out at a serious clip! The upcoming Shogun 2: Total War represents the seventh entry in the series, which for those of you who don’t know, blends grand, continent-wide military strategy with brutal, small-scale tactical battles where you can see individual little figures crushed by elephants, and blown apart by cannons, and so on.

Anyway — onto the screenshots!

Night battle, or incorrect gamma settings? You decide!

Bruce Wayne! You must lead my army of ninjas to destroy Gotham, for it is too corrupt to be AAAAAA AAAAAA EVERYTHING IS ON FIRE


Oh, Creative Assembly, maybe we’ll have admirals with actual traits this time? Perhaps you should read up on your Mahan?

That’s all the screens that have been released for now — hopefully they’ll convince the History Channel to start developing a series utilizing the Shogun battle engine, because a re-enactment of the Battle of Sekigahara will garner ratings even higher than one of Thermopylae, right?


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