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SHOCKER! First Guy in iPad Line Was Also First Guy in iPhone Line

Earlier today, the tech world smiled and shook their head in collective bemusement when a Hungarian tourist sent various tech websites video of a man already camped out in front of the Fifth Avenue Apple Store waiting his iPad.

Shortly after, though, realization dawned and the the head shaking transformed into fist shaking of mild annoyance and begrudging respect. The reason: it turns out that the man is Greg Packer, who was also the first in line back in the long-ago days of 2007, back when we all thought iPhones were the coolest things ever created. Silly us.
Here’s a video of the intrepid line sitter back then, courtesy of Luck of Seven.

Bow down to Greg Packer, ye reader, for he is clearly the king of all things Apple! That is, if the title “king” actually meant “dude who doesn’t live and work in a kingdom as much as sit outside it in a lawn chair, eagerly waiting to purchase the kingdom’s goods”.

Via Engadget.

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