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Agents of SHIELD Recap: “One Door Closes”

So say we all.


First: an apology! Sorry that this review is a couple days late, friends; I was super sick on Wednesday and wasn’t at work due to being gross and asleep. But I have returned, triumphant, to the land of SHIELD recaps! Fear no more.

Now, on to “One Door Closes.” Interestingly, I just realized this episode (along with several others) was actually written by this guy:


Who you may remember from Survivor: Guatemala. But that’s neither here nor there, probably.

Tonight’s episode was also the first directed by David Solomon, a vet of other genre shows like Grimm, OUAT, Extant, Fringe, Falling Skies, Dollhouse, Buffy, and a host of others – including my all-time favorite episode of Firefly, “Out of Gas.” Maybe that’s why, though “One Door Closes” with its myriad flashbacks and fight scenes had the potential to be slow or dull, this episode actually managed to pull things off pretty well.

I mean, first of all, you can’t go wrong with a little more Lucy Lawless in your life. Plus, BSG reunion! Yeah, I wish they’d fully brought her back from the dead, but at this point I’ll take what I can get. Though I’d like another queer character in the show, stat.


Speaking of which, this episode almost ripped out my tiny little heart when it broke up my two favorite same-sex couples this week, Mockingnerd and FitzMack. Though Mack did save Fitz’s life in the end (true love TBH), you could see Fitz’s heart shattering when he discovered Mack was on Team Olmos. And there’s no way it didn’t hurt Simmons to the bone to electrocute Bobbie (though she pulled that off with great aplomb). I still hold out hope for both of you. Sail on, ships. Sail on.



I would be remiss if I didn’t mention the epic Bobbi versus Ming-Na fight in “One Door Closes” as well! Lady-on-lady action in SHIELD has typically been spot-on, and this was no exception. Plus, I laughed out loud when May made her grand entrance and saved Coulson from Olmos. Never change.


But despite all the set-up and backstory, I still don’t care about The Other SHIELD. Sorry, Olmos. You picked the losing team.

In other news, it looks like eyeless Gordon has finally appeared in the comics, putting an end to the speculation that he might be the Reader or another previously-established Inhumans character. But can we all agree that it was hilarious that Skye didn’t freak the hell out when some eyeless dude showed up at her door in the middle of nowhere? I mean, I know you’ve seen some shit, Skye, but that’s worthy of more than a typical Chloe Bennett open-mouthed stare any day of the week.


Anyways, Skye is on Team Gordon now (there are a lot of teams going on lately, have you noticed?) and I’m feeling perfectly okay about that.

We will return to your regularly-scheduled SHIELD programming next week, TMS, I promise. See you in Tahiti!


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