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Sherlock Producer Asks Fans to Tone it Down a Notch, Stop Posting Set Photos and Spoilers Online

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The Sherlock fandom can, at times, be a bit… intense. That’s not an insult: The show debuted three years ago, and since then they’ve only had nine hours of show to watch. What fandom wouldn’t get a little (OK, a lot) eccentric? Thus: Fandom crossing into real life with the #BelieveinSherlock movement, a Bee Gees pigeon, and a collection of insane gifs that other fandoms can only dream of.

But now that the third season is finally filming, producer Sue Vertue has asked more obsessed Sherlockians to try and reign it in just a tad. She sent the following message to fan site Sherlockology:

Hi, Sue Vertue here.

As many of you are aware, we’ll soon be embarking on our first London leg of filming for series 3.  I’m also aware that there is quite a lot of speculation about where we’re shooting when.  I can’t stress how  much we the Producers and Benedict [Cumberbatch], Martin [Freeman] and the rest of the cast appreciate your love and dedication to our show – we’ll endeavour to live up to your expectations for Series 3.

What I am nervous about is that our London shooting schedule is punishing and will really give us very little time to interact with you.  The actors really hope you understand that.

Also, and I know this is probably asking a lot, the majority of fans and indeed ourselves would REALLY appreciate it if you didn’t post pictures or spoilers or ideally our daily locations.

Thanks for your understanding.  Sue x

It’s worth a shot. Tumblr’s setlock tag is apparently filled with spoilers courtesy of people who visit the sets and snap photos (I am unable to confirm how big the spoilers are, as I closed that tab faster than Moriarty buying tickets to a Bee Gees concert), and I can’t imagine all of them are going to stop. This is the Sherlock fandom, after all. Fever pitch hasn’t even been reached yet.

(via: Deadline, photo by The Baker Street Babes)

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