Finally: Sherlock Season 3 Has a US Premiere Date

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Were you beginning to think it would never happen? Yeah, me too. PBS has reported that the consulting detective will be back on Sunday, January 19 at 10:00 pm. That’s the U.S. premiere date, which means that the show will premiere on the BBC sometime before then, mostly likely early January. Ladies and gentlemen, there is, at long last, actually truly going to be more BBC Sherlock, and it’s coming within the next six months. The set pictures haven’t been just an elaborate ruse to torture us. I think I need to sit down for a minute.

Sue Vertue, executive producer for the show, promised fans that the new season is “worth waiting for.” And what a long wait it has been. “The Reichenbach Fall” aired in early 2012, and fans have dealt with the hiatus by theorizing endlessly about how Sherlock could have survived his “death,” making gifs and art, and bringing the amount of BBC Sherlock fanfics on Archive of Our Own to almost 40,000. Finally, they’ll have some new content to work with and new characters to explore (one of the characters season 3 will introduce is Dr. Watson’s wife, Mary Morstan).

The filming for Sherlock has been notoriously difficult to schedule, partly because the actors have become such big stars. Benedict Cumberbatch and Martin Freeman have been a bit busy, to say the least, making films like Star Trek Into Darkness, three Hobbit movies, The Fifth Estate, and The World’s End. Now they’re back and, according to Rebecca Eaton of Masterpiece speaking to Entertainment Weekly, better than ever:

“[The new episodes are] fantastic. They are jaw dropping. They are like small movies. Benedict and Martin are so in their Sherlock-Watson groove. They are so comfortable with that relationship it’s like being in the room with them.”

The picture for this post is the first official still of Sherlock season 3 (before this, we’ve only had set photos). The famous duo looks ready to spring back into action as if they’d never left. It’s nice to see that scarf-and-coat combo again. Feels a bit like coming home.

PBS is going to have a very British Sunday line-up coming into 2014, with Downton Abbey returning for its fourth season on January 5 at 9:00 pm.

(via: BuzzFeed, Deadline)

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