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Today in Bonkers Sherlock Rumors: Gatiss Trying to Get Tom Hiddleston for Third Holmes Brother?

Yeah OK whatever.

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Do I think Tom Hiddleston in Sherlock is ever going to happen? No. Do I think the rumor that co-creator Mark Gatiss is trying to get him could be true? Ehhhh. Do I think the Sherlock fandom needs anything and everything it can get to keep it going through the hiatus? Yup.

Additional rumors: The return of *mumblegrumble* and a possible story upon which the possible Christmas special will possibly be based.

A third Holmes brother was briefly referenced in “The Law Vow,” and Steven Moffat’s hinted before that he might have a role to play in season four. According to the Latin Post, Gatiss has been sending love letters to Tom Hiddleston (get in line behind most of Tumblr, dude) trying to get him to play the role as part of a vile plot to make the entire Internet combust.

If you’re sitting here thinking “Wait, third Holmes brother?,” you’re forgiven—Sherrinford Holmes never actually appeared in any stories written by Arthur Conan Doyle. He was proposed by William S. Baring-Gould in his biography Sherlock Holmes of Baker Street on the grounds that, in the time and place in which the Sherlock canon is set, the eldest son of a country squire tends to stay and manage the estate instead of pursuing another career. Obviously Mycroft didn’t do that, so there has to be someone older. Sherrinford did appear in the Doctor Who Adventures novel All-Consuming Fire, where (via Wikipedia):

“he is revealed to be the member of a cult worshipping an alien telepathic slug that is mutating him and his followers into an insect-like form; the novel culminates with Holmes being forced to shoot his brother to save Watson.”


I stopped watching Sherlock for various reasons, but that, Moffat… that I might watch.

Additionally, Benedict Cumberbatch says that Moriarty, revealed to be not-dead in the season three finale, will be back in season four, though Cumberbatch has “casually [chosen] choose to forget [how that happens] in order to rediscover it again a little bit… It’s a very good idea, I do remember that detail. I’m just trying not to remember it so I don’t blurt it out.”

That’s a cryptic response I’ve not heard before! You go, B-Cumber. You’re gonna have to give a lot of those before season four comes out.

And finally, we know already that season four filming is kicking off in January 2015, and it’s looking like a pretty sure thing at this point that they’re planning a Christmas special before the season proper. According to Christian Today (*slow blink*), said Christmas special will be based on the story “The Adventure of the Blue Carbuncle,” which has already been referenced in the show before. (Most notably during a scene where Mycroft and Sherlock compete over who could best deduce a hat.)

That’s it for the rumors for now, Sherlockians. Settle back in for the long haul.

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