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But Seriously, This Game Of Thrones Parody Album “Shame of Tones” Is Incredible

"Once upon a time there was more to the North/ but now there's just a head on a spike"


Yesterday, we wrote about the music video for a parody song called “Lannista’s Paradise,” rapped from the POV of Tyrion Lannister. We were led to believe than an entire album would be available, but knowing what today is, we were suspicious. Well, suspise (that’s a word, right?) no longer, friends. It’s real, and it’s spectacular.

Written by Joshua Burgess and Nick SantaCroce, with added vocals by  L. Dommell, Mary O’Neil and Bill Persaud, the 7-tracks album features pitch-perfect versions of your favorite rap and rock songs. That “Total Eclipse of House Stark” cover we mentioned yesterday is there, along with “D****ns in Essos,” (which is done from the POV of Daenerys Targaryen, because who else has the indomitable swagger to be Kanye?) “Red Wedding” (a Billy Idol “White Wedding” remake, of course), and “Even Flowdor,” which is… exactly what it sounds like. If you’ve ever wanted to hear Hodor sing as Pearl Jam, you’re in for a treat. Also, you want some very weird things.

If you’re also a huge ASOIAF fan who, like me, wished that the HBO-produced Game of Thrones mixtape came with some more explicit details from the source material, then you’ll be happy to know that this album also comes chock full of references to the show (though not the book, sadly). Arya’s song, “Arya Gonna Make `Em Pay,” has her reciting her list of people she wants dead during the fade out, and “Another Dick in the Wall” replaces most of the infamous, “How can you have any pudding,” speech with the vow of the Night’s Watch brothers.

All in all, it’s incredibly well done and will definitely hold up to multiple listenings. Best of all, the vocals are solid! Nothing’s worse than a parody song where the singer doesn’t actually know how to sing, but “Shame of Tones” doesn’t have that problem at all.

The whole album is available on the Sons of Mim Tumblr, and you need to listen to it. Don’t believe us? Here’s “D****ns in Essos.” You’re welcome.

(via Sons of Mim, hat tip to Rebecca Pahle at The Mary Sue)

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