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Breathe Deeply, Everyone: Seth MacFarlane Won’t Host the Oscars Next Year

i'll just leave this here

Maybe we can get a hologram of Bob Hope to do it. That’s totally a thing that science can do, right? I could swear I saw it on CNN.

After a turn as Oscars host that,¬†while it, yes, contained some charming tributes to the classic Hollywood musical, also contained a comment about how an actress under the age of ten should expect to grow up to be ogled by her older male colleagues in front of said actress and another musical number that’s purpose was seemingly to remind female actresses that no matter how “tasteful” their nude scene was, or, indeed if it was a scene of rape or abuse, that what men took away from wasn’t their performance, but that they’d gotten to see boobs… Seth MacFarlane has turned down an offer to host the production again.

Folks who disliked MacFarlane’s ratings raising performance had reason to worry about his return after the Academy tapped the same producers to arrange the 2014 ceremonies. But MacFarlane tweeted this week that his busy schedule will prevent him from working the broadcast next year, leaving the ceremony hostless, but with plenty of time to find a new MC.

After all, it’s not like when Brett Ratner said that rehearsals were “for [redacted]” and was kicked off his producing job, taking host Eddie Murphy with him, leaving the Academy to find a whole new arrangement in four months for the 2011 Oscars. Back then, the internet was really into this little idea that some furry friends could help the Academy out, and I was sad to have to blow the whistle of¬†practicality on it. But now?

Hey, Academy. You’ve got nine months to put together an Academy Awards ceremony hosted by Kermit T. Frog and Co. Get cracking!

(via /Film.)

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