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I Will Cut Anyone Who Makes Fun of Mei After Watching This New Overwatch Short

Can somebody just go ahead and let Blizzard make a full, feature-length Overwatch animated film already? Huh? Please?

I mean, today, they just released a full animated short that dives into the origin of one of the heroes of Overwatch: Mei. Her abilities mostly involve manipulating ice and freezing people and things, though according to this origin video, those powers mostly seem to be a result of necessity rather than some tragic backstory (Reaper, Tracer, Widowmaker). She basically constructs her ice gun as a way of trying to escape from her frozen research base where she was stationed as part of Overwatch’s ecological conservationist research group. She and her teammates were in cryo-sleep for years, and when the signal goes out to wake them (courtesy Winston in the very first Overwatch short), Mei stands as the only surviving member of her team—well, her and her little robotic pal, Snowball.

It’s a heartbreaking beginning, but it’s one that lends itself well to a character who, up until this moment, had been defined solely by her somewhat cheery, positive, optimistic, and upbeat demeanor. It adds depth to that brightness that her voice lines bring to the table, making it all out to be almost very anime-protagonist-like, where she’s fighting for her friends who didn’t make it.

The video’s touching as all get-out, and it’s just filled with that really nice touch that we’ve come to expect from Blizzard’s Overwatch shorts. It’s just so very well done, and it’s everything I wanted for my sweet Mei, whom I adore and will protect forever and ever, amen.

Now if you’ll excuse me, I’m just going to go watch it again and cry like a gosh darn baby.

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