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Senator Chuck Grassley Is the Absolute Worst and the Internet Agrees

Grassley is THAT old white dude who is ruining everything.

Chuck Grassley is definitely the worst. What we’ve learned so far, from the Senate Judiciary Committee hearing for Dr. Christine Blasey Ford’s allegations against Supreme Court Nominee Brett Kavanaugh, is that Grassley is biased towards Kavanaugh and is clearly not afraid to make that fact known.

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Every time he opens his mouth, we’re reminded of how much he doesn’t care about the trauma that Dr. Ford went through. He opened the whole thing by apologizing to both Ford and Kavanaugh, which really told us all we needed to know about where this was going before it even truly got started.

So of course, the internet is tearing him apart, as it should. He’s a terrible man, from what we’ve seen today, and clearly, with the stakes of this hearing, it isn’t okay that he’s all but dismissing parts of this case.

One of the main problems with Grassley is how seemingly unaware he is of what his words are doing—the way he is approaching the women questioning Ford, the way he is speaking to Ford and defending Kavanaugh in the same breath … all of it is not a good look.

The more he speaks, the deeper the hole gets. Everything he points out just reflects badly on him, not on anyone else.

But, of course, the overwhelming narrative is that every time that Grassley speaks, the anger grows. He cuts women off, he literally stopped a woman answering a question to tell her to do what she was already previously doing, and he gets to comment on EVERY question asked to Dr. Ford. Why? Who knows, but it doesn’t seem very fair when he is clearly biased towards Kavanaugh.

To prove that he is biased towards Kavanaugh, the trial began with a speech from Grassley that was very clearly designed to make Dr. Ford nervous. It didn’t work but it did share a light on the kind of man that Grassley is.

Even Dr. Ford’s lawyers are not here for the bullshit that Grassley is spewing at this trial, looking at each other as Grassley makes statements that, based on their reactions, are not true.

Personally, I want my shot at him. He thinks he’s all-knowing and that he can silence women when he’s speaking, yet he cuts off women constantly? Let him try to stop me. I don’t shut up.

Maybe, at the end of the day, it’s time to have Grassley retire, but then again, why was he in a position of power in the first place?

Today is a hard day for a lot of people so please, be kind to one another—except for Grassley and the rest of his Republican cronies. Drag them.

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