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Tide Invented A Self-Cleaning T-Shirt For Dirty, Lazy College Students

We know you were just going to Febreze that shirt otherwise.


Tide knows that you’re scared of doing your laundry, college kid, and that you probably bring it home to Mom every weekend anyways. With that in mind, the detergent brand has created the world’s first self-cleaning t-shirt.

Sadly a one-time only deal, the ink on the shirts is infused with Tide detergent; when thrown in some water, the shirts provide their own cleaning solution. How this differs from hand-washing your more delicate clothes I am a little uncertain, but it seems like they’re really excited about the idea.

The Polish branch of ad agency Leo Burnett created this ad for the shirt, featuring animated moms crying over piles their college-aged kids’ laundry. Because I guess that’s somehow worse than, say, the grass-stained soccer uniforms of six-year-olds who are physically incapable of helping out with the laundry?

Seriously, though, the shirts were created to teach kids out on their own in the world for the first time that doing their laundry isn’t that scary; they could just throw all their dirty clothes (this shirt included) into the washer, press “go,” and presto – clean clothes with Tide!

How about we work on anti-stain shirts next, my Tide bros? That, I’d line up for.

(via Gizmodo, image via Vimeo)

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