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A Pennsylvania Haunted House Will Let You Run Through it Naked, but Not on Sundays

There's nothing scarier than a bunch of naked strangers.

Haunted House

It’s that time of year again where haunted house attractions start popping up and telling you how scary they are. Usually, they’re not scary at all, but Shocktoberfest in Sinking Spring, Pennsylvania has added a feature that’s truly horrifying — You can run through naked, and you won’t be alone. There will be naked strangers. We’re scared.

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The site for the attraction, named the “Naked and Scared Challenge” describes it like this:

Think you’re brave? Experience The Unknown haunted house with ZERO protection! We dare you to take the Naked and Scared Challenge only at Shocktoberfest!

Inspired by the hit show “Naked and Afraid” on the Discovery channel, Shocktoberfest has created The Naked and Scared Challenge to test your fears and phobias on a whole new level. For the first time ever you can now experience the Unknown Haunted House totally naked! See if you have Gymnophobia- the fear of being nude. Naked and Scared tickets are limited. Online ticket purchase recommended.

We’d recommend buying tickets online too, because there’s probably no way to avoid weird looks from the cashier.

So how does it work? Typically, haunted houses like this are places you’d bring kids, so they’ve devised a careful procedure also outlined on the site:

Procedure: The Naked and Scared Challenge allows participants to go through the Unknown Haunted House Nude or Prude (either totally nude or with underwear). It takes place at the end of the night after all customers have gone through the attraction. Participants must be 18 years of age or older and must sign a waiver. Participants undress in a semi-private preshow building, experience the Unknown Haunted House, and then exist into a semi-private fenced courtyard where they will get dressed. Participants are never in view of minors or non-participating customers. Naked and Scared Challenge is not offered on Sundays.

Disclaimer: Shocktoberfest has created this experience so their customers can explore a new level of fear. This is about fear and pushing oneself out of their comfort zone. This is not about sex. No sexual misconduct, inappropriate or disrespectful behavior will be tolerated.
*Please note there is an additional cleaning charge if we scare the p*ss out of you!

So there you have it, folks. If you want a truly frightening evening, drive out to a small town outside of Reading, Pennsylvania (already a scary idea!) get naked, and run through a haunted house with naked strangers while drama majors dressed as zombies or whatever jump out to scare you/give you the eye.

But not on Sundays.

(via Lehigh Valley with Love, image via rafeejewell)

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